Consistent and high-quality translations are paramount for the scientific and medical industries. At SumaLatam, we provide Medical Device Translation Services, Hospital Translation Solutions, Clinical Documentation Translation, and Healthcare Multilingual Support with unparalleled Medical Translation Accuracy. We’ve got you covered

Supporting Translation Needs with Medical Device Translation Services

The scientific and medical industries are full of specific terminology and require absolutely precise work. With years of experience in the field, we develop the necessary terminology databases and glossaries and combine them with computer-aided technology (CAT) tools, along with our professional translation team, physicians, and subject matter experts, to ensure Medical Translation Accuracy. This ensures accurate, consistent, and cost-efficient projects. As we build these tools for our clients, we continue to see improved consistency plus reduced turnaround time.

We’ve delivered professional Hospital Translation Solutions on these subjects and more:

  • Veterinary medicine
  • Medical devices
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Chemistry and pharmaceuticals
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental sciences
The Technological Trends Transforming Health

Scientific and Medical Translation Services

We offer a wide variety of translation services for the medical and scientific sectors.

These services include:

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Highly Experienced Professional Linguists

We have over 100 specialized and professional linguists who have been selected through a meticulous and detailed review process. Our linguists are native speakers of over 20 languages, allowing us to meet your scientific and medical translation needs.

We understand that confidentiality may be necessary for your medical translation needs. All our linguistic experts have signed a confidentiality agreement. Additionally, our HIPAA Compliance officer renews training on this law every two years and ensures compliance with all requirements. SumaLatam takes confidentiality and security very seriously. All translations are confidential.

Our services include comprehensive hospital translation solutions (Hospital Translation Solutions) and the translation of clinical documentation (Clinical Documentation Translation) with the highest accuracy (Medical Translation Accuracy). We provide multilingual support for the healthcare sector (Healthcare Multilingual Support), ensuring that your communication needs are met effectively and professionally.