Leading Language Services Company SumaLatam Achieves ISO 9001 & 17100 Certifications

Feb 25, 2022

With these upgraded and globally recognized standards on quality management and assurance in place, SumaLatam further cements its commitment to compliance and best practices for the provision of accurate, reliable, and professional translation service.

Cordoba, Argentina – February 21, 2022 – SumaLatam, a woman-owned, multilingual content-related services provider in Latin America delivering translation and localization for the world, announced today its recent ISO 9001:2015 certification focused on quality management systems (QMS) and performance, in addition to ISO 17100:2015 certification for standards specific to a translation company. This is a significant benchmark for SumaLatam, further solidifying their reputation for high standards of consistency, quality, and continual improvement in order to meet and exceed expectations, and deliver customer-focused solutions.

Following an external audit and assessment by Argentina-based Instituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación (IRAM), achieving ISO certification standardizes performance. By specifying provisions for a QMS, an ISO 9001 certificate is evidence of services, processes, and in-house technology that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. As a guidance standard, ISO 17100 identifies SumaLatam as a proven language services company whose processes meet applicable specifications for delivery of high-quality and professional translation services. Now certified on these International Quality System Standards, the company is better able to convey cultures, ideas, products, and services beyond languages.

“As a logical next step in our customer-centric approach to translation services, achievement of these ISO certifications further standardizes our commitment to performance and acknowledges our continued focus on quality and consistency within the processes we’ve worked hard to develop over 20 years”, notes Cecilia Iros, Founder and CEO at SumaLatam. She adds, “We’re excited to have earned this important milestone that’s essential to provide additional assurance of our long-standing processes to our end users.” As Principal at SumaLatam who spearheaded the certification efforts, Ines Iros points out, “We’re privileged to have earned this recognition from the ISO organization, and with these qualifications in hand, we’ll be better able to provide maximized benefit to our clients.”

To learn more about SumaLatam’s ISO certifications and long-standing commitment to excellent quality, visit www.sumalatam.com/iso.

About SumaLatam (www.sumalatam.com)

SumaLatam is a woman-owned translation company and multilingual content-related services provider specializing in customized language solutions for a wide range of clients across different industries. With decades of experience, we provide comprehensive language solutions, no matter how complex or simple the needs may be. Able to manage multiple language combinations with different formats and components, our clients benefit from a finished product tailored to their specific needs, all while being able to leverage their existing processes and resources.

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