The Importance of Specialized Translation in the Health Industry: A Focus on Digital Transformation and Medical Experience

Digital Transformation and Localization
Jun 13, 2024

In recent years, digital transformation (DX) and medical experience (MX) have led the pharmaceutical industry to new possibilities. Companies like NTT DATA are at the forefront of these innovations, promoting digitization across the entire pharmaceutical value chain. However, for these innovations to reach their full global potential, specialized translation and localization services are essential.

The health and pharmaceutical industry faces unique challenges when it comes to translating documents and content. Precision is crucial, as any error can have significant consequences for patients’ health. Furthermore, medical and pharmaceutical terminology is complex and highly specialized. This is where SumaLatam comes into play, offering translation and localization services that ensure accuracy and cultural appropriateness of content.

Digital Transformation and Localization

Digital Transformation (DX) in the pharmaceutical industry spans from research and development (R&D) to manufacturing, sales, and marketing. Companies are using advanced technologies to optimize these processes and improve their competitiveness. For example, initiatives like Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and Digital Medicine require collaboration between IT and healthcare companies.

For these initiatives to be effective globally, it is vital that digital content is accessible and understandable in multiple languages. SumaLatam’s translation and localization services ensure that technical documents, research, and marketing materials maintain their accuracy and relevance in any language.

Medical Experience and Specialized Translation

Medical Experience (MX) focuses on providing personalized care to patients. This involves using real-world data and real-world evidence to improve treatments and healthcare. SumaLatam’s specialized translation plays a crucial role here, ensuring that all medical documentation, from clinical reports to treatment guides, is perfectly translated and adapted to the cultural and linguistic needs of each region.

Digital transformation and medical experience are revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry. However, for these innovations to be truly global and accessible, specialized translation and localization are indispensable. SumaLatam, with its expertise in medical and pharmaceutical translation, positions itself as a strategic ally for companies looking to expand their reach and provide high-quality healthcare services worldwide.

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