Breaking Language Barriers in Healthcare: SumaLatam and Landmark Health

Apr 14, 2023

Landmark Health is a risk-based medical group that is transforming healthcare for high-risk patients across 17 states in America. Their approach to care is based on the premise that the best care is delivered at the patient’s home. By providing home-based medical care, they are reducing the need for hospitalization and emergency room visits, resulting in better outcomes and lower costs for patients and health plans.

Landmark Health provides medical care for patients with complex health needs, such as chronic conditions and multiple medications. They work with patients’ existing doctors and caregivers to create a personalized care plan that is tailored to the patient’s needs. Their medical professionals are available 24/7, ensuring that patients receive the care they need when they need it.

One of the challenges faced by Landmark Health is to ensure that all patients and their families have access to information in a language they can understand. SumaLatam has been a solid partner for Landmark Health, providing translation, proofreading, voiceover, and subtitling services in different languages. As a WBE, ISO-certified, HIPAA compliant, and highly experienced translation company, SumaLatam is a trusted partner for healthcare providers looking to communicate effectively with non-English speaking patients and their families.

Why SumaLatam is the Right Choice for Medical Translation

SumaLatam has years of experience working with healthcare providers to deliver accurate and culturally sensitive translations. They understand that medical translations require not only linguistic accuracy but also an understanding of the cultural nuances that are unique to each language. Their team of certified translators and linguists has a deep understanding of medical terminology, ensuring that translations are accurate and consistent.

SumaLatam’s translation services are designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers. They offer a range of services, including document translation, website translation, localization, and interpretation. Their services are available in over 100 languages, making them a reliable partner for healthcare providers who serve diverse populations.