SumaLatam Integrates text-to-speech technologies to Foster Barrier-Free Communication

SumaLatam Integrates text-to-speech technologies to Foster Barrier-Free Communication
Mar 11, 2024

In the era of global digitalization, inclusion has become a fundamental pillar for companies looking to expand their reach and connect with a diverse audience. In this context, SumaLatam has set out to make a difference through its innovative department, SUMALAB, by implementing advanced text-to-speech technologies to transform the way content is accessible for people of all abilities and in all languages.

Inclusion and accessibility are not just concepts we adopt; they are values that we instill in every project. Understanding that each person has unique ways of interacting with digital content, we have integrated text-to-speech technologies with artificial intelligence to offer diverse narrative options that adapt to the specific requirements of each client. This technological evolution allows us to deliver content that is not only true to the original message but also respects the cultural and linguistic particularities of each audience.

Our commitment to eliminating linguistic and cultural barriers is reflected in our continuous search for solutions that facilitate universal access to knowledge and information. Therefore, we have decided to incorporate a functionality that allows the conversion of text to speech in all our publications, ensuring that our content is even more accessible. This new feature is designed to enrich the experience of all users, allowing them to consume our content audibly and thus, promote greater inclusion.

At SumaLatam, we believe that true innovation lies in creating solutions that address the real needs of people. For this reason, our SUMALAB team works tirelessly to ensure that the integration of these TTS technologies not only meets the highest standards of quality and precision but also elevates the user experience to a new level of comfort and accessibility. Through this approach, we seek not only to lead the translation and localization industry but also to contribute to building a more inclusive and accessible future, where high-quality content is available to everyone, without language or physical ability limitations.

At SumaLatam, the future is inclusive, and we are dedicated to being an active part of this change, driving innovation and accessibility at every step of the way. We strive to be more than a translation and localization company; we aspire to be a bridge to a world where information and communication flow freely, without barriers, opening doors to new opportunities and understandings. For more information about our services and how we can help your company reach a global audience in an inclusive and effective manner, contact us at SumaLatam.