Linguistic and Innovation: Sumalatam enables Healthcare Communication

May 9, 2023

SumaLatam, the leading company in translation and “humanized” content generation services, is proud to announce its impactful work for WCG (Worldwide Clinical Trials Language Services). We are ready to revolutionize clinical trial translation like never before!

At SumaLatam, we have always stood out for providing top-quality multilingual translation solutions. Our expertise and excellence have made us trusted partners across a wide range of industries. And now, we are expanding our focus to the exciting world of healthcare

Throughout our journey, we have collaborated with renowned companies in the field, such as ProBiora Health, Philips Ultrasound LLCMerck Sharp & Dohme LLC, and many more. We have played a key role in ensuring smooth and effective communication between healthcare providers and patients in different languages.

We are thrilled to be working on WCG projects. WCG is a leading company in clinical trial services and we provide our solid translation services.

We are committed to driving innovation and excellence in healthcare. We will facilitate effective communication between healthcare providers and patients, regardless of the language they speak.