Humanizing Your Brand: Lessons Learned from Intel and Cisco’s Collaboration with SumaLatam

Mar 10, 2023

At SumaLatam, we are proud to have worked with some of the biggest technology brands in the world, including Intel and Cisco. We have been fortunate enough to partner with these companies on projects aimed at humanizing their multilingual content and making it more relevant to their audiences.

We understand that in today’s Artificial Intelligence Age, multilingual content is king, but it’s not just any multilingual content that will resonate with your target audience. In order to truly connect with your customers, your multilingual content needs to be humanized, personalized, and relevant to their needs.

That’s where SumaLatam comes in. Our team of experts has a unique blend of skills and experience that allows us to create content that not only drives engagement but also establishes a strong connection between your brand and your customers.

Our team has years of experience in content marketing, digital strategy, and branding. We understand the importance of crafting a message that speaks to your audience in a way that resonates with them on a personal level. This is especially crucial for technology brands, which often struggle to communicate complex ideas in a way that is relatable and easy to understand.

Our unique approach to content creation has been instrumental in the success of our past projects with brands like Intel and Cisco. Our ability to humanize and personalize content has helped these companies establish a stronger connection with their customers, resulting in increased engagement, loyalty, and brand advocacy.

We are grateful for the trust technology brands like Intel and Cisco have placed in SumaLatam. We take great pride in our ability to humanize content and create a connection between brands and their customers.