Empowering Communities through Volunteerism: SumaLatam’s Impact on our enviroment

May 29, 2023

At SumaLatam, we firmly believe in the power of giving back and making a positive impact on society. That’s why our CEO, Cecilia Irós, has taken a significant step towards supporting various institutions by signing agreements to donate localization services. Through these efforts, SumaLatam aims to contribute to the betterment of our people, our environment, and our society as a whole.

One of the notable collaborations we have had is with Fundación Proteger, where we worked on their website and other digital content. These localization services were part of their Adding Value and Volunteering Programs, which aimed to facilitate an ecotourism project involving local native communities and cooperatives. By translating the content into English, we helped these communities attract English-speaking tourists to the north-east region of our country, thus creating new opportunities and sources of income for them.

Another organization we are proud to support is Pumakawa, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the conservation of endangered native species in the central region of Argentina. In our partnership with Pumakawa, we provide translation services for their crucial documents, enabling them to reach an international audience and secure vital donations for their conservation, education, recreation, and research activities. Through our collaborative efforts, we strive to raise awareness about the importance of environmental preservation and garner support for their cause.

Furthermore, we have also extended our services to IPLAM, a provincial organization in Cordoba. Their focus lies in establishing sustainable connections between the main city and smaller cities and towns in the metropolitan area. SumaLatam has translated numerous papers and presentations for IPLAM, ensuring effective communication during international city planning meetings. By bridging the language gap, we facilitate knowledge exchange and contribute to the development of sustainable urban planning practices.

SumaLatam recognizes that while we may not be able to help everyone, each and every one of us has the power to help someone. Through our volunteerism efforts and the donation of localization services, we strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities. By leveraging our expertise in translation and localization, we empower organizations to reach broader audiences, secure support, and create a positive impact in their respective fields.

We are proud to be part of these initiatives and are committed to continuing our support for institutions that share our vision for a better, more inclusive world.

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