Black IS Remarkable: Our Collaboration with Invisible Collective and Amazon

Mar 8, 2023

SumaLatam Team is thrilled to announce our partnership with Invisible Collective and Amazon for our latest project, Black IS Remarkable. This project is a celebration of Black excellence and aims to showcase the remarkable achievements of Black individuals across various fields.

We strongly believe in the power of representation and diversity, and this project is a testament to our commitment to promoting these values. We are proud to have worked alongside Invisible Collective, a community of creative Black entrepreneurs, and Amazon, a company that shares our passion for promoting diversity and inclusivity.

What is Black IS Remarkable?

Black IS Remarkable is a multimedia project that highlights the remarkable achievements of Black individuals in various fields, including art, music, science, sports, and business. Our project aims to shine a spotlight on Black excellence and celebrate the contributions that Black people have made to society.

Through this project, we hope to inspire and empower the next generation of Black leaders and creators. We believe that by showcasing the accomplishments of Black individuals, we can challenge the negative stereotypes and biases that still exist in our society.

The project consists of a series of videos, podcasts, and written features that highlight the achievements of Black individuals across various fields, Black leaders, and creators from around the world and showcased their stories in a compelling and engaging way. In addition, a website serves as a hub for the project, where visitors can explore the different features and learn more about the remarkable individuals that we have highlighted.